Duration :15 Months / Type : Diploma

Objective :

The objective of the course is to enable a student to acquire the knowledge pertaining to Web Designing and Digital Marketing.

Course Structure

    Week 1-2: Introduction to Web Development
  1. Understanding the Web Landscape
    • Basics of the Internet and the World Wide Web
    • Overview of web browsers and their role.
  2. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
    • Introduction to HTML.
    • Structure of HTML documents.
    • Creating a simple webpage.
  3. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - Basics
    • Introduction to CSS.
    • Basic styling properties.
    • Selectors and simple layouts.

    Week 3-4: Advanced HTML and CSS

  1. HTML - Advanced Topics
    • Forms and multimedia
    • Semantic HTML.
    • Accessibility considerations.
  2. CSS - Advanced Topics
    • Box model.
    • Positioning and layout.
    • Responsive web design principles.

    Week 5-7: JavaScript Fundamentals

  1. Introduction to JavaScript
    • Basics of programming.
    • Variables, data types, and operators.
  2. Document Object Model (DOM)
    • Manipulating HTML with JavaScript
    • Event handling.
    • Dynamic content updates.
  3. Introduction to ES6+ Features
    • Arrow functions, destructuring, and other modern JavaScript features.

    Week 8-9: Front-End Development Frameworks

  1. Introduction to Front-End Frameworks
    • Overview of popular frameworks (e.g., React or Vue.js).
    • Building interactive web applications.

    Week 10-11: Back-End Development Basics

  1. Introduction to Back-End Development
    • Basics of server-side scripting.
    • Introduction to Node.js and Express.
  2. Database Basics
    • Understanding databases.
    • Introduction to SQL and NoSQL databases.

    Week 12-13: Full-Stack Development

  1. Full-Stack Development
    • Integrating front-end and back-end.
    • Building a simple full-stack application.

    Week 14: Web Development Tools and Deployment

  1. Version Control with Git
    • Basics of version control.
    • Git commands and workflows.
  2. Web Hosting and Deployment
    • Choosing a hosting provider.
    • Deploying a website.

    Week 15-16: Final Project and Review

  1. Capstone Project
    • Students design and develop a complete website.
    • Showcase skills learned throughout the course.

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