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Discover excellence at NITC, your premier destination for top-tier computer and commerce courses. Our institute is renowned for its first-class education, offering cutting-edge programs guided by experienced teachers. At NITC, we prioritize delivering an exceptional learning experience, ensuring our students are well-equipped for success in the dynamic fields of technology and commerce. Join us on a journey of knowledge and innovation at NITC!


NITC, the coding sanctuary where high expectations meet lines of excellence, making it the coolest center for programming prowess.

In NITC Kids, we transform high expectations into cool accomplishments with a diverse range of computer courses, turning young minds into tech-savvy trailblazers.

NITC Job-Oriented Courses, where high expectations blend with practical skills, shaping a cool and career-ready path for individuals seeking success in the professional landscape.

Step into NITC Commerce, where high expectations evolve into cool financial acumen, offering a variety of courses that turn young minds into savvy practitioners in the world of commerce.



Welcome to NITC - Your Gateway to Excellence in Computer and Commerce Education!

NITC is a distinguished computer institute committed to delivering first-class education in the realms of technology and commerce. Our institution stands out for its exceptional courses, designed to empower students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills.

At NITC, we take pride in our team of experienced teachers who bring a wealth of expertise to the classroom, ensuring a dynamic and enriching learning environment. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities, providing students with a comprehensive educational experience.

Choose NITC for a transformative journey in computer and commerce education, where innovation meets tradition, and expert guidance propels you towards success. Welcome to a world of opportunities at NITC!


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